Optimist Capital

Optimist Capital is a Registered Investment Adviser. We are not Brokers or product salesmen. We are a Fee only Wealth Manager who build portfolio’s tailored to your needs, wants and future. We are Fiduciaries 100% of the time no exceptions. The client always comes first. As Fiduciaries we will never sell you products such as Annuities or Mutual Funds, which rarely benefit anyone other than the Financial Advisor that sold them to you. There is always a better way, and anything a product such as an annuity can provide, we can find a better, less expensive and more efficient way to provide for you. Rather than commission and product sales, we have a mutually beneficial situation, one where we make more when you make more and we make less when you make less. This situation creates a drive to maximize your wealth, as we only succeed ourselves when doing so. If you have interest in a better way to invest, we are here for you.

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