Cross Atlantic Solar

Cross Atlantic Solar is located in Deerfield Beach, FL with 10,000 sq. ft. office and warehouse. Cross Atlantic Solar has 35 employees and we use no subcontractors for our installations. We are fully insured and state licensed. Cross Atlantic Solar installs Solar Electricity, Solar Hot Water, Solar Pool Heating and Solar Air Conditioning by Lennox.

Mark Langley, CEO has been in solar business 30+ years in Florida delivering the highest quality product and service in South Florida.

Cross Atlantic Solar is proud to use BMW i3 as an example of battery technology in todays electric cars as seen in club Braman magazine Ray Liotta issue. Most recently for Marks personal use he chose BMW 530-e hybrid along with his matching X5. Mark Langley has been a long standing satisfied customer of Braman and purchased a total of 8 BMW vehicles in the last 9 years.

BMW is the example of the quality of workmanship that Cross Atlantic Solar provides.

We are happy to invite our customers for an appointment.

Mark from Cross Atlantic Solar

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