Club Braman at the Palm Beach Zoo for “Food Truck Safari”


The Food Truck Safari at the Palm Beach Zoo is a favorite of Club Braman members, and for good reason.  Not only do you get to spend a beautiful spring afternoon and evening looking at all the fabulous animal exhibits, but Club Braman members also get a food and drink voucher that lets you chow down on cuisine from some of the best food trucks in Palm Beach County. Because it was cancelled the past 2 events, we decided to try again….you know what they say, 3rd times the charm!


If you haven’t been to one of these before and would like an idea of what to expect, click here to see a video of the last Club Braman Food Truck Safari event.

Although the event runs from 5pm-9pm, Club Braman will be there to check-in from 5pm-7pm

A word about what to expect:  Club Braman will have a VIP check-in table at the main entrance of the zoo, where you will be issued a wristband and voucher valued at $10 for food and $6 for drink.  Sorry, but while we can get you into the zoo ahead of the crowd, you’ll have to wait in line at the food trucks.