Club Braman at the National Croquet Center


Club Braman members are invited to a unique new event, an evening of croquet and appetizers at the National Croquet Center in West Palm Beach. You may think of croquet as a kid’s game during a backyard picnic on a summer Sunday, but it’s actually a highly competitive sport and the NCC was the home of the 2016 World Croquet Championship. NCC takes the experience of croquet to an entirely different, totally sophisticated level. The National Croquet Center is home to the world’s largest dedicated croquet facility, with the finest lawns spanning four acres and a 19,000 square foot clubhouse designed in the Florida Keys style. Members will be placed in groups of 16, with each group having a dedicated instructor. Once you get the hang of the techniques and rules, let the competition begin! All necessary equipment will be provided, all you ABSOLUTELY must bring is flat shoes. Show up in high heels and you’ll be watching from the porch.


Only a small and exclusive group of 60 people will be able to participate in this delightful event, so be sure to sign up early!

Please only register if you are sure to attend. If you cannot make the event after registering, please let us know!


If you want to get a jump on your friends and learn about the game ahead of time, click here to read the rules and techniques, or here to see videos.  And if you’re a history buff, click here to read about the invention of the sport and how it has grown through the years.