Jillian Jacqueline at the Club Braman Performance Theater


While most music fans weren’t aware of Jillian Jacqueline until she released her single “Overdue” in 2014, she already had an impressive career in show business before she was old enough to enroll in junior high. Jacqueline was born in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania, and spent most of her childhood there, before moving to New York City in her early teens. A precocious talent inspired by the music playing on the family’s stereo — including Patsy Cline, Elvis Presley, the Dixie Chicks, Carole King, James Taylor, and Patty Loveless — Jacqueline began singing at an early age, and was performing at local coffee shops when she was only seven years of age.

Around this time, Jacqueline formed a group with her sisters known as the Little Women Band; the act toured extensively, but Jillian dropped out when she began to burn out on touring life and wanted to pursue a more traditional education. During her time off, Jacqueline pondered the notion of a solo career, and after completing her studies at Philadelphia University in 2010, she relocated to Nashville and began making a name for herself as a singer and a songwriter.


Jillian will perform live at the Club Braman Performance Theater. Make sure to register now!

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